The Geekfather is a blog written by me, Richard Berks, a new dad based in Gateshead in the North East of England. I’m a science communicator working for a cancer research charity, and have almost recovered from completing PhD research into a type of leukaemia.

Like any new parent I’m trying to make sense of pregnancy, babies, and fatherhood, and prepare myself as best I can for all that lies ahead. I hope to navigate my way through the advice, old wives’ tales, and plain old bullshit the only way I can: researching the evidence – and I’ll be presenting what I’ve found in this blog.

I also took a period of Shared Parental Leave to look after our baby during her first year – a relatively new opportunity for fathers and partners here in the UK. I’ve be relating my experiences of that too.

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Though I’m a passionate science geek and former researcher, I’m certainly not an expert in pregnancy, midwifery, or baby health – so please do not depend on this blog for any health advice.